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Thursday, 26 April 2018

DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE: Future World (2018 Movie) Official Trailer - James Franco, Milla Jovovich, Lucy Liu

Future World (2018 Movie) Official Trailer - James Franco, Milla Jovovich, Lucy Liu

She's the perfect woman, right? Incorruptible - god I love that!" Lionsgate has released another official trailer for the film Future World, a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi action western. We featured another trailer for this last week, but was pulled off the web. Now we have this one and it doesn't look any better. Still looks like a straight-up rip-off of Mad Max, with sand motorcycles, grungy cars and everything. The story involves some kind of boy searching for a rumored cure for his dying mother, but is actually about a robot woman? I don't really know. James Franco co-directs, and stars along with Milla JovovichLucy LiuMargarita LevievaSuki WaterhouseMethod ManSnoop DoggElisha Henig, and Scott Haze. So I'm only posting this just to add it here, but don't really care to ever watch this. Don't have time to waste on this junk.
Here's the official US trailer for James Franco & Bruce Thierry Cheung's Future World, fromYouTube:

Future World Movie
A young boy's mother is dying and beyond the capabilities of any local medicine. Desperate for an answer, the boy travels across the barren future world wasteland, scavenging for a cure that is only rumored to exist. His will and perseverance will be tested as he strives to protect his family. Future World is directed by actor / filmmaker James Franco (of The Broken TowerSalInterior Leather BarAs I Lay DyingChild of GodThe Sound and the FuryIn Dubious BattleThe Disaster Artist) and cinematographer / filmmaker Bruce Thierry Cheung(director of The Color of TimeDon't Come Back from the Moon). The screenplay is written by Jeremy Cheung, Jay Davis, and Bruce Thierry Cheung. The film has not premiered at any film festivals. Lionsgate will release Future World in theaters starting May 25th this year.Thoughts?

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